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We create small affordable websites and we can usually do this fairly quickly (depending on the project, of course). We generally take care of the whole process, from domain registration to telling Google that your website is on-line. Of course if you have your own 'web space' we would be happy to upload to your server (providing it meets certain requirements).

website design - website imageWe would also consider larger website design projects, but with a team of one there are clear limits. We are no web-guru's or major trend setters - again, that comes for a price. So don't expect great originality (maybe the odd surprise) or lots of clever stuff (perhaps just a little). However, the sites we make work well and keep our clients coming back.

website design - website codewebsite design services we do, as yet, not offer include e-commerce websites (shops), Content Management Systems (CMS) and a number of other technologies we have, as yet, not looked into. Although we include a range op Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques as standard, we do not offer a full SEO service. This is usually time-consuming work, for which we haven't got the staff. For smaller websites it would make little difference and the cost would normally be prohibitive.

What does website design work cost?

website design - website templateAll website work is costed at a flat rate of £40 per hour. This is a fair rate and in most cases very competitive; we leave it to you to do the comparisons. Although we are working on a number of basic templates (at a fixed price), most of our websites are made to measure, often from scratch, from an example preferred by the client or based on something we made earlier. To give you a rough idea ... a basic 5 page website (e.g. home page, about us page, services page, contact page and links page), including domain registration (co.uk) and statistics will usually cost between £150 and £200. A simple one page site perhaps as little as £50. [back to top]

Any hidden costs?

We will usually let you know about any additional cost or when projects come close to an agreed budget. The only returning cost is the domain renewal fee and the regular maintenance work (updates, changes, additional work, extra pages) if there is any. This work is also charged at £40/hour. [back to top]

What sort of website design work can you do?

We have already pointed out a few website design services we do not offer and the reasons why. In order to show what we can do, we like to refer to some websites we've made earlier.

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Making a call near the summit of Mount Etna (3000m), Sicily, Italy
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